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Naturally delicious chocolate and coffee from family farms that care for nature, because, like you, we believe in a happier and healthier world.

Finally, treats you can feel good about!

Buy natural treats online now! The seed-to-joy story

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Buy natural treats online now!


Share the joy of natural chocolate and coffee in the company of your favorite people!

Over 10 million treats served so far!

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We know you are concientious about your food. What is the environmental impact? Do the growers get a fair deal? Is it good for me?

With Ah Cacao you get to enjoy the results of years of love and care growing your cacao and coffee for the best natural flavor while caring for environment.

The seed-to-joy story


Like you, we love nature and by enjoying Ah Cacao you help conserve our planet's wildlife for our children to enjoy. 

How Ah Cacao helps you be kind to the planet

Let's look after this planet...           
        it's the only one with chocolate!